​What is a Contract Construction Manager?

Contract Construction Managers are responsible for the management and delivery of a construction site. They can also be known as a Site Manager, Contracts Manager or Building Manager depending on how a business is structured.

Contract Construction Managers are normally involved from the project’s initial conception through to the completion ensuring that the work is carried out to the client’s brief. On occasions a Contract Construction Manager can be responsible for more than one project at a time but this again depends on the employer.

Due to most industries relying on Contract Construction Managers to oversee the successful completion of a project, Contract Construction Managers are in high demand across the UK construction industry.

What are the typical daily duties for a Contract Construction Manager?

From employer to employer the job description of a Contract Construction Manager can vary, however typical duties and activities undertaken include:

  • Discussing plans with Surveyors and Architects before construction begins

  • Monitoring progress and costs across one or more projects

  • Regular reporting back to the client on progress of the project

  • Attending project meeting with fellow professionals and clients

  • Ensuring quality standards are met• Regular health and safety checks to ensure site safety

  • Ensuring building work adheres to industry regulations

  • Resolving problems that may occur throughout the project

  • Regular communication with subcontractors, suppliers and workforce

Contract Construction Managers typically work around 40 hours a week, but will sometimes have to work longer hours during the busiest periods of a project or meeting a project deadline, which can often be demanding. Some of this time could be travelling from site to site depending on if you are managing a number of projects at a time.

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