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Based in the western region of Central Europe, Germany is second most populous country in Europe and is home to over 84 million people. Germany's booming construction industry benefits from a stable economy and investment climate and a progressive focus on energy efficiency. Germany is Europe's biggest construction market, with the continent's largest building stock.

Biggest Construction Projects in Germany

Germany is home to some of the world’s largest construction projects, such as;

Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link Project

The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is the world’s longest immersed tunnel, that is currently being built to connect the Danish island of Lolland with the German island of Fehmarn, a distance of 18-kilometres across the Fehmarn Belt in the Baltic Sea. This project is budgeted at over €7bn.

Hannover Suedschnellweges B3 Highway

The project involves the construction of the Suedschnellweges B3 highway in Hannover, Lower Saxony. The project aims to enhance the road network with modern infrastructure and provide a better road networks for the commuters.

Bayerischen Bahnhof Mixed-Use Development

The project involves the construction of a mixed-use complex on a 36ha area in Leipzig, Saxony. The project aims to develop a modern residential and commercial quarter to meet the growing demand in the region.

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