​Located on the River Inn, Innsbruck is the fifth largest city in Austria with an estimated population of 132,493 in 2018. The name Innsbruck means ‘bridge over the inn’. Innsbruck is also officially one of six Early Adopter Cities of the Build-in-Wood project. Innbruck has seen numerous large scale construction projects over the past couple of years and has multiple large constructions projects in the pipeline, including;

House of Music

Covering an area of 7900 metres squared this project, which is located in the cultural centre of Innsbruck will see a new building built offering multiple musical institutions, concert halls, administration, dining, and adjoining rooms and a national music library. The outdoor terraces will also offer visitors spectacular views of the Alps and the city of Innsbruck.

House for Psychosocial Care and Living

This new build will see a new building consisting of 14 small apartments distributed over four floors, providing a temporary home for people with chronic mental illnesses. This building is being monitored by the University of Innsbruck due to its innovative energy technology with all-electric heating and hot water, supplied by full-surface frameless photovoltaic facade.

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