We can use our infrastructure and payroll staff to remunerate contractors in the required currency to ensure an efficient payroll service

Where you have identified your own candidate for a project and need a reliable and cost-effective vehicle to quickly mobilise the contractor onto the project, we can offer you and the contractor a quick, easy and reliable payroll service at a reduced cost.

Supported by our advanced financial software, we make the process of payroll administration quick and easy for the workforce and relieve the burden from our clients. We even guarantee to pay every single contractor accurately and on time, every time.

With a reputation for being experts in contract recruitment within the Construction, Engineering, Rail, Energy and Telecoms sectors, we are also renowned for consistently delivering the right candidates to the right project and giving our clients an edge that’s required in order to deliver major schemes and projects.

We are always pushing boundaries to improve our services to our clients and candidates. So taking pride in what we do is ranked extremely high.

Guarantee to pay your contractors

We can use our local knowledge, infrastructure and payroll staff to remunerate contractors in the required currency to ensure a timely and efficient payroll service.

Save you time and money

We will offer you a reduced percentage charge rate. In addition, our proactive payroll team will monitor and report on overtime and key performance indicators, as well as controlling duplicate timesheets and restricting timesheet changes after approval. We also help you to keep your staffing costs down by working with your purchasing and accounts department to ensure that all elements of the procurement and invoicing requirements are met.

Share the risk with you

We offer a range of guarantees with financial consequences to us if we don’t deliver.

Support the contractors

We put candidates at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on excelling in delivering exceptional customer service. All contractors are allocated a single point of contact in our payroll team who will personally ensure the process is made as easy and user friendly as possible for all your personnel.

Need help with recruitment?

If you would like to talk to us about your contract recruitment needs, get in touch with our expert team who will be able to discuss your requirements in more detail and help you to attract the best possible talent for your contract position.