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Product and Application Leader

Job Description

Job Content Specifications

Purpose of the job

The Product and Application leader in DC Germany builds up and manages the Métier Development Center team in Germany. The team will consist of embedded systems development experts (software (mostly) and hardware (few)) and will deal with wayside platform development.

The Product and Application leader has the overall responsibility to build up and manage the required competencies and delivery responsibility for the work packages assigned to the team, i.e.:

  • Create/Consolidate a department structure in line with the organization design rules of D&IS Mainline and DACH

  • Ensure KPI monitoring and achievements as required by Dev Center Germany

  • Ensure S&OP/workload exercises required

  • Ensure process deployment and adherence within Department

  • Formally lead teams with a target size of 30-40 engineers and technical experts

  • Manage skills and competencies within Department

  • Manage Workload Strategy (internal/external)

  • Responsibility for adhering to HSE directives

  • Identification of required capabilities, demand/capacity analysis incl deriving necessary actions

  • Aligning work packages with the responsible program managers and executing these work packages

  • Be accountable for quality of work, adherence to delivery milestones and budget

  • Report to Dev Center Director but as well to VP ML on program review boards, critical program meetings, etc