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Project Development Planning Manager


Project Development Planning Manager

▪ Responsible to develop and maintain overall Train and Sub-Systems development schedule from T0 to VGR in order to manage
efficiently the time commitments of the project (tender, contract or program execution).
▪ Manage efficiently planning deliverable issuance, critical paths and physical progress of the development tasks.
▪ Ensure the transfer with Project Operation Planning manager by VGR at the latest.
▪ Facilitate the synchronization of internal stakeholders.

In tender and development phases:
▪ Detail the tender schedule based on A.SST (Standard Sequencing Logic, Complexity assessment matrix, REX durations) BTM
assumptions and gap analysis, Metiers commitments and PDO (Project Development Organisation) tender strategy.
▪ Highlight the critical paths and risks linked to the development schedule
▪ Propose and animate the optimisation & mitigation actions.
▪ Contribute with the development schedule to ensure compliance of the project strategy with the contractual requirements.
▪ Contribute to deliver on time all requested schedule deliverables.

In contract or program execution:
▪ Build the Development schedule based on A.SST Standard Sequencing Logic and WBS, A.SST templates, FPO (Finance Project
Organisation), contractual targets and data provided by Project stakeholders.
▪ Provide to Chief of Development a clear vision of the Development schedule critical paths from T0 to VGR on all issues related to
projects schedule.
▪ Propose the development schedule baseline and ensure its acceptance by all Project stakeholders.
▪ Ensure the consistency of all the internal and external Stakeholders commitments and manage the schedule interfaces between
Train Level and Sub-systems via periodic sessions.
▪ Perform schedule analysis & trade-offs to close identified gaps or schedule issues.
▪ Focus on early identification of potential delays (critical paths) including the status on risks and margin related to schedule.
▪ Provide demand for resources needed in the scheduling tool
▪ Deliver Physical Progress KPI of the Development schedule, contributing with the Project Planning Manager to Earned Value

For all:
▪ Apply the Project Scheduling Process.
▪ Contribute to the REX (Return of Experience) and improvements, share best practices, schedule templates.
▪ Contribute to the Project Time Management Plan defined by the Project Planning Manager.

Competencies & Skills
▪ Good overall knowledge of railway products and systems.
▪ Agility to juggle with schedules (internal and customer schedules) simulations and various scenarios and changing project
▪ Rigorous, structured and sense of anticipation.
▪ Good communications and interpersonal skills, excellent team worker.
▪ Conflict management and multi-tasking.
▪ Collaborative management.
▪ Be able to challenge project team and highly proactive in proposing solutions.
▪ Comfortable in an international and a multi-cultural environment.
▪ English language proficiency.
▪ Good knowledge of MS Office.
▪ Mastering one or several scheduling software (MS Project, Primavera, Planisware…).
▪ Customer Orientation
▪ Teamwork and Building partnerships
▪ Drive for Results
▪ Influencing Others and Holding People Accountable